Preparation for the OverLand Track (OT) began in late 2016, with our dates being booked in with flights for early March.

For flight and accomdation bookings, we went with Cassandra Ross, Personal Travel Manager (

With flights booked we moved onto gear selection and research. With a lot of Internet research and shopping around, both Rick and I started to tick off our gear list. Check out my gear page for a full breakdown of all the gear I took.


As the enjoyment of buying our gear continued, the pain that comes with training began. Our physical preparation took form in three methods.

  • Gym workouts
  • Long distance pack hikes
  • Mountain scrambles 

For the gym workouts I would suggest reading some of my workout programs over here but essentially it consisded of a 3 day a week minimum program. Legs day, cardio day & core / flexibility day. Then for added bonus throw in arms and chest but not too much as for long distance hiking you want to try and keep lean particularly in your upper body. That’s not to stay thin to the point of near death. Just lean, clean muscle and as little fat as you can where possible (personally I have a hard time at keeping to this). 

For the long distance hikes, we headed up into the Sunshine Coast hinterlands, specifically the M1 to M2 section of the great Sunshine Coast walk. 

This hike runs from Lake Baroon to Kondalili falls behind Montville. It is a well maintained path that has a number of rises and falls that were perfect to test out our gear on which included new boots and poles which the 22km hike tested out perfectly. We completed this hike several times leading up to the OT and it helped us iron out a few gear issues before we took off. 

Finally, to prepare for the scramble of MT Ossa, Cradle and The Acropolis, we headed to the Glasshouse mountains to make Berrwah and Tibrogarbin our second home. 

For all of the local south east Queenslanders who have climbed Beerwah and Tibro, there really isn’t any point of trying to explain to you how much fun and a challenge they both are. Tibro the smaller of the two provides a great 30 – 40 minute climb with a few points at the start that are challenging to the new scrambler. Overall however, this mountain is great fun and was always a favorite of Rick and I when time poor or feeling a bit tired and didn’t have a Beerwah in us. However, as time went on, Rick and I also began to push ourselves and take the east facing route also known as the caves route. This route is very challenging and should not be taken lightly or by not experienced climbers (please no more helicopter rescues people!). However, if you do attempt this and successfully, you will be treated to views and climbs like this one: 

As much as we love Tibro, there is one mountain that really sits well in our hearts. MT Beerwah is the largest of the glasshouse mountains and truly is a wonderful climb, and day out. There is just something about this mountain that seems to change each and every person that climbs it. Not sure if it’s the sheer scramble at the start, the fact every time you stop for a break and turn around you are surrounded by such beauty, or the caves half way up. If it’s the view at the end of the Sunshine Coast and the sister mountains. Either way, MT Beerwah became our home away from home as we climbed it morning noon and night to get our scrambling skills honed and our minds and soul filled with peace and happiness. By the end of the months leading up to the OT, we were ready……so we thought. 

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