The beginning of my hiking adventures really begins with my Dad taking me on bush walks as a kid around Coffs Harbour and then later in my early 20’s around the Gold Coast hinterland.


The bonds shared and the places we visited are still some of my favorite memories. This ignited my passion for hiking and camping. I then continued to hike around the beautiful south east Queensland area and my passion continued to grow.

In 2006 I completed my first overseas and longer distance hike, the Milford Track in New Zealand. This amazing 55km hike was a beautiful way to increase my experience and passion about hiking and I wish I’d recorded or blogged it.

New Zealand 028

However, due to this hike I suffered from stress fractures in my legs (poor gear selection and went down hill too hard and fast, lesson learnt). As a result I reduced my hiking days and replaced them with several trips to Canada and went dog sledding.


The next chapter of this story (after my legs healed) really begins in a coffee shop and shows you how amazing social media is as well as the fortunes of life and how no matter how much  we want to be in charge of our lives, sometimes life reminds you that you are destined to certain things.
Sometime in 2010 – In a small coffee shop in Brisbane, I met a lovely human being named Leah. Leah quickly became my regular barista and for the next few months a simple yet peaceful friendship grew and eventually we became Facebook friends. After Leah left my little coffee shop as did our little friendship. However, over the years we still kept in touch, running into each other now and then and liking similar things so we stayed friends on Facebook and life went on.

August 2016 – Social media strikes up an unlikely friendship. During this time in my life there was more than enough going on to break me down to nothing yet, my passion for hiking really bubbled up to the surface and I found peace once again in my boots and the mountains they climbed. With all of the hiking I was doing around this time, I was also posting a lot of photos on Instagram and all of a sudden a private message came through from my long time coffee friend, Leah. She messaged me saying how much she was enjoying my hiking photos and that if I was interested, she had a friend who was a photographer and fellow hiking enthusiast. I said that’d be great (knowing full well that most guys in their early 30’s don’t meet new male friends and that most likely the messages either wouldn’t happen or we’d never meet up for a hike etc.) and said give me his details and I’ll message him.

To my surprise, Rick responded and we soon started hiking together, first meeting each other at 4 am at the base of MT Beerwah for a sunrise climb.

I soon learnt Rick has an extreme passion and drive for adventure photography and this site will feature plenty of his photos as well as his product line from his business. With many hikes under our belt before the year was out, we knew we wanted to plan a big hike together and thus the plan to hike the Overland Track in Tasmanian began………

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