The planning was done. The packing was complete. The dogs and girlfriends said goodbye to and we were finally off. On a plane heading from Brisbane to Launceston.


We arrived safely in Lanny, and quickly headed to the hotel to drop our packs and hit up the local shops for some last minute supplies. Followed by a few Wizard Smiths (best beer in Tassie, only sold in Tassie 😦 ) and some dinner we got to sleep early knowing we’d have a big day ahead of us.

The next morning we were up early waiting for our bus to take us to the start of the Overland track. There are lots of buses and transport options to get there but we went with, McDermott’s Coaches – Tours & Charters who were fantastic! We had to organise getting gas for our JetBoil and they were good enough to go and pick it up for us and bring it on the bus, highly recommended. After a few hours on the bus we finally arrived at the start of the Overland track. For years I’d been waiting for this moment and the weather gods certainly helped make this moment all the more special…..

The beginning of the OT started out on timber walk ways and changed often to rocky single trails.  As we began to ascend towards Marion’s lookout we past through light forests with idyllic looking water falls. When we reached Crater Lake at the base of the lookout, we were treated to crystal clear waters with such vibrant colors we didn’t want to leave.


The promise of even better views however, moved us forward and up the steep track towards to the lookout. Views of Crater lake behind us somehow managed to make me miss the hot spots developing on the back of my heels.


It wasn’t until Dove Lake Lookout that I quickly tried to prevent the blisters that were forming. However, even the best prevention couldn’t stop what was coming my way and the moral shift it would bring.

We pushed on past Dove Lake Lookout to Marion’s lookout and the view was, well……

After some trail mix and taking many photos, we pushed forward towards Cradle Mountain. Our bodies were already starting to feel become a little weary with such heavy packs full of food and water. With Cradle Mountain getting closer and closer however, we seemed to always feel fresh and full of spirit. As we approached the the Historic Kitchen Hut, we prepared ourselves for a Cradle scramble.

With my GoPro on my head and the pack left back in the hut, we made quick time on the scramble with all of our Glasshouse Mountains experience coming in handy. The views on the climb up were to be as expected, stunning!! Check out this next few minute video of the type of scrambling and the views we had.

And then, finally, the summit.

After meditating on top of Cradle Mountain, soaking in all of the positive vibes and feelings I could, I felt refreshed but in need of food and water. We quickly scrambled back down to our packs and ate our very late lunch. A quick change of socks and we were off again heading towards Barn Bluff and our first nights camp.


As we past Barn Bluff and headed down the ridge towards Waterfall Hut, we were greeted with a setting sun and welcoming feeling that our first day, while massive, was coming towards and end.


We arrived into camp on dusk and quickly picked beds, ate and started chatting with our fellow hikers. Much like I did with this day, I will close out this blog with my final video of the day.

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