Early rise, early fog, clear blue skies and the choice of pushing on even further or climbing MT Ossa.


As Pia, Rick and I sat around having breakfast, the decision to tackle Ossa was quite divided. While Pia was certain she was climbing Ossa, both Rick and I were very much split on how our bodies would feel. I was worried about my blisters and Rick’s knee had started to swell a little so we both wanted to play it by ear but, at the same time, not miss out on what could be an amazing climb.

Heading off as quickly as possible, we soon found out to our surprise that we’d recovered quite well and we made excellent time to the Ossa pack drop area. Dropping and securing our packs we loaded up only on water and trail mix and began out hike together!


Ossa was similar in ways to Cradle in that it had large boulders to scramble but, it was also very different. Having several “summits” it felt like it went on forever. However, once again, the preparation from the Glasshouse mountains proved to help us make light work of this, the tallest mountain in Tasmania.

My fondness for not having my heavy pack on was certainly evident as I powered ahead today which was surprising.

And then, the summit….

With views like we had on top of Ossa, it was impossible not spend some time up there, snacking and chatting away. I did manage to get back across the scary pass but had to go a different way, it was “interesting” to say the least haha.

Taking our time to get down safely and back to our packs seemed to pass quickly as we talked with Pia more and more. Learning about her surreal experiences travelling around world with her partner and all of the trips she has planned after. The thought of her French cooking however (she was French and a professional chef), had us all thinking about camp and the tasty freeze dried meals that were waiting for us.

Our pace slowed a little however, getting closer to Kia Ora Hut as the dense roots of many trees hindered our pace. Never the less we made it into camp nice and early for a bath and sunbath.

With the day done and the feet and body rested, we enjoyed our time together, photographing the surrounding mountains.


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