Another morning eating breakfast in the dark by myself and another crystal clear day on the OT!

Today we were heading to Pine Valley Hut but before we got there we were heading for water falls. There were several choices on the way but Rick and I chose the largest, Harnett Falls. 

While Rick took photos of this stunning waterfall, I sat and ate some food while trying to fully appreciate the beauty and splendor of these falls. Water falls always have a way of calming me, making me feel rejuvenated and fresh again. As I was already feeling amazing today, I knew after this experience that today was going to be a particularly good one. 

The next several hours were spent with music in the ears and our heads down. The trail was deep in the forests for this section and Rick and I pushed forward at our own pace. After several hours we reach our lunch spot to have another amazing peanut butter wrap haha. 

With the energy levels once again high, our legs powered us towards pine valley. The terrain quickly changed during this section for the first few hours. We were out of the dense forests and into more traditional Australian bush. Lots of gum trees and that feeling of being home was overwhelming. We also had several suspension bridge crossing as we pushed deeper into the bush. 

However, the Australian bush didn’t last and we soon entered into what felt like an unknown land. Deep forest of beach trees and pines surrounded us with every step we took. Constant zig zagging through moss covered paths and streams where the water is so clean it had to be glass. It was by far the most beautiful afternoon walk in a forest I have had. When it ended however, we were greeted with an older style cabin, nestled deep in the forest that would be our home for the next two nights. 

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