With the Acropolis conquered, we knew that there would be no more mountains on our trip. However, what the OT had in store for us in the form of Lake St Clair!

As we powered our way towards Lake St Clair, the terrain once again took a change from the deep forests back into the Australia scrub land with towering mountains in the distance. However, this time we came across a few rivers and creeks flowing towards the lake.


After lunch and a two hour hike through terrain that reminded me of the Oregon coast line in the U.S. we arrived at Echo Point. We were greeted by a beach, small dock and basic shack for our home. All of which overlooked the stunningly majestic Lake St Clair. We wasted no time and quickly stripped down for a swim.

As we swam and sun bathed and chilled out, life really couldn’t have been better at that point. The day however, quickly came to an end with us being joined by fellow hikers for a meal on the beach to close out day 6 on the Overland.

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