The last day on the Overland was always going to be an early one. We needed to be back in the visitors centre by 11 for the bus ride back to Hobart so therefore, catching the sunrise was a must!

After seeing the sun, rise majestically over Lake St Clair, we took off towards our final destination. Today, knowing we needed to make good time, all three of us pretty much put the foot down. As we were walking along however, I once again had flashes of pictures of the Oregon coast line even though I have never been there. My mind was very peaceful however, as the OT had truly brought happiness to my mind and soul.

As we reached the visitors centre, a level of excitement rushed over us all, knowing what we’d just achieved. 100 kilometres, 6 nights, 3 mountains and so much more. As we took our photos in front of the OT sign, we knew we’ve be back one day, to explore this beautiful land again. However, first, we had some food to eat!

After having some breakfast and beers, the bus awaited us for our trip back to Hobart where we still had more adventures to come on our trip, but first, a nap to dream about the amazing highs and lows of the past 7 days, on the Overland Track.


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