JMT Gear

With only a month to go (when writing this page) until I’m on a plane to America and beginning my JMT adventure, I thought it was time to put up some information about the gear I’m taking with me. I’ve made these choices based on Internet research, use on previous hikes and friends advice. I’ve also based my list layout on Andrew Skurka’s gear guide but with my own spin on things. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about my gear or if you would like the Excel version which I have all of my weight and pre-hiking notes about each items of gear.

Hiking Clothing


Protective Clothing

Camp & Sleep Clothing

  • Insulated jacket
  • As you will see from this list, I’ve only added 1 x extra item. That’s because I’m not taking any long pants nor extra shirts or anything else for sleeping as my gear above doubles up and will cover off all my needs based on the time of the year I’m going. This helps keep my weight down too.







First Aid, Emergency & More

Personal Items

  • Dental
    • Tooth brush cut in half
    • Small amount of dental floss
  • Toilet paper
    • Lots haha
  • Hand sanitiser
    • Detol hand sanitise
  • Skin care
  • Trip recording
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • GoPro 3
  • Entertainment
    • iPhone 7 Plus with Kindle

Other than items like a passport and some money, that’s it. If anyone has any questions or is interested in knowing why I chose certain products, please feel free to contact me. During and at the end of this trip I plan on doing a write up on my 3 x favourite / most useful gear items on this hike.